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Welcome to Oatmeal Soap Shop .com! Your premier site to purchase oatmeal soap! Oatmeal soap Shop is owned by crafters who have been in business for over 13 years.

We are dedicated to handcrafting the finest fresh old fashion cold process oatmeal soap with fine natural oils and helping you understand all of its benefits.

At Oatmeal Soap shop .com Oatmeal soap is not just our business. It is truly a passion.The many therapeutic properties have brought us to this conviction. We believe that purchasing an Oatmeal Soap from Oatmeal Soaps.com can quickly prove to be the best thing you have ever done for your skin. Keep reading to discover all that Oatmeal soap can do for you!

Did you know that many troublesome skin problems as well as contact dermatitis respond positively to oatmeal soap?

This is the main reason I am passionate about oatmeal soap. I was 35 years old before I had ever got out of a bath and did not itch. I battled various dermatitis issues including roseaca eczema. Natural soaps eliminated this and it was then that I discovered the comfort relief from dry skin and dermatitis issues .Oatmeal soap is like no other! The natural benefits of oatmeal are awesome!

There are so many skin conditions known to benefit from a high quality natural oatmeal soap Tired of battling dry skin? You should definitely try an Oatmeal Soap from Oatmeal Soaps.com Eczema has often been improved by our soaps. We have many regular clients who use our oatmeal soap to improve psoriasis conditions. Oatmeal soap also soothes the itching from poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac as well an irritating rashes and insect bites. Remember the times that both Dr. Mom and your physician recommended an oatmeal bath.. they did it and still do it today because they know the benefits thereof.

You may be surprised to learn the Natural Oatmeal soap offers a preferred mild soothing choice for all skin types.

Oatmeal soap has become a preferred mild soothing bath skin care choice for all skin types and all ages. Oatmeal soap offers a healthy choice for the entire family. Oatmeal soap makes an excellent natural herbal facial cleanser without unhealthy chemicals.

Yes , teens with acne have found oatmeal soaps to be very balancing. Yes,those with dry skin love the moisture hydration. While we yet have clients with cystic acne reporting that fresh natural oatmeal soap has helped tremendously. We have both teen and adult clients.

What makes oatmeal soap work?

Oats have an incredible attraction to water therefore drawing and holding moisture to the skin. Fine ground oatmeal has a exfoliation property and it will adhere to what is irritating your skin. Thereby can be washed away with the soap. Oats are a natural skin protector even recognized by the Food and Drug Administration for these properties. This is only the beginning of the wonders of nature oatmeal soap here at Oatmeal soaps.com.

Here at Oatmeal Soap Shop.com you will find a variety of Handcrafted Oatmeal Soaps personally formulated and handcrafted right here at The Kentucky Oatmeal Soap Shop. We begin with rich luxurious natural oils from natures finest sources,food grade oats, rich shea butter, creamy goat's milk and complete every batch to a luxurious silkiness with natural silk fibers. We never skimp on luxury!

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Oatmeal Soap

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